Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hybrid program extended

With a unanimous vote from my colleagues, a program that I initiated two years ago had its lifetime extended today. Drivers of clean air vehicles like hybrids and electric cars will continue to enjoy free metered parking. The program remains in effect until 2008, when we'll have the opportunity to renew it again.

To participate in the program, you must display a California Department of Motor Vehicles Clean Air Vehicle decal. Also, keep in mind that while you don't need to fish under your seat for loose change at the meters anymore, you still have to obey posted time limits and preferential parking restrictions.

Also, tell your friends about the program—both those who are already driving hybrids and those who are thinking about buying one. With gas prices climbing, you may not even need this perk to decide that it's time to reduce your reliance on "the dinosaur" (that is, petroleum fuel). But my office has heard from several people who, once they heard about the parking privilege, decided the time was right for them to go hybrid. And the basin's air is better for it.