Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Joga Bonito

On an incredibly beautiful day in Glassell Park, I met up with Councilmember José Huizar; soccer stars Brandi Chastain, whose World Cup triumph resulted in The Ripped-Off Jersey Seen 'Round The World, and Landon Donovan of the L.A. Galaxy; and soccer superstars the Anahuak Soccer League to open up the "Joga Bonito" artificial turf field at Glassell Park that was donated by Nike. To see the faces of the kids and their parents as Glassell Park got the first field of this sort in the city was nothing less than magical. As Brandi Chastain spoke, one mother with her daughter from Anahuak (where more than 300 girls now play) shouted out, "My daughter's the next one!" I have no doubt that she is—and I can guarantee that Councilmember Huizar and I, who got a chance to try out the new field along with the kids, aren't going to give her too much of a run for her money.