Friday, April 07, 2006

Gorbachev at City Council

It was a tremendous honor to host Mikhail Gorbachev in Council chambers on Wednesday. The Mayor joined us to present the former Soviet president with a city scroll honoring his international work on the environment. While Gorbachev was in chambers, I introduced a council resolution that, if passed, will put the city on record in support of Global Green's Energy Shift campaign, in advance of the G8 summit to be held in St. Petersburg.

In 1993, Gorbachev founded Green Cross international, known in the U.S. as Global Green USA. Their white paper on Energy Shift lays out the case in simple terms:

The greatest energy security challenge facing humanity is the implementation of clean energy solutions for sustainable development. By exponentially increasing the generating capacity of clean energy sources around the globe, the G8 can work to mitigate Climate Change and provide energy to the world’s poorest people. Leveraging an unprecedented clean energy and energy efficiency deployment is the only way to achieve real, lasting energy security.
Los Angeles and California have consistently led the way on environmental standards, persuading the rest of the United States by word and by deed. When the reso comes before full council, I hope we will continue that tradition by adding our voice to Global Green’s as they lobby the G8 for sustainable energy security.