Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Walk Watch

On Monday morning, a nine-year boy was walking to Mayberry School in Silver Lake when a man tried to abduct him. The boy kicked his assailant and ran home. While police investigate, Silver Lake neighbors have banded together to form a "Walk Watch" in the neighborhood.

Addie Daddio from the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is leading this effort. From her blog:

In an effort to keep our kids safe we are asking anyone who lives in the area of Mayberry Street School to volunteer for "Walk Watch." Kids attending Mayberry walk from Sunset North and includes Benton Way, Coronado Street, Waterloo, Allesandro, Scott, Reservoir, Berkeley, Montana etc. They also walk from Alvarado East. If you live near any of these areas and can volunteer in the morning before school or in the afternoon after school, please email me:

If you'd like to help, but don't live in the area, Addie is also looking for donations to cover the cost of "Walk Watch" shirts for volunteers.