Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Around the Web has relaunched its web tool. This is an invaluable application that you can use to learn about the demographics of your community and the social services you can find there. For example, you can use it to map poverty in zipcode 90026, the number of renters or owners in the area served by Selma Elementary, or a profile of all the social services available in Council District 13. And that's only the beginning. Spend some time getting creative with the tool; you're bound to find out something interesting about the place where you live. Let me know what you uncover.

Also, Elysian Valley United has put up its new website. This will be a great resource for Elysian Valley residents to learn more about the services and programs that EVU offers inside their community, and a model for other community groups to emulate. EVU has been a great partner to my office in the last four and a half years. We've worked together on park projects and I've been very proud to be able to help advance their innovative microradio project.