Thursday, October 27, 2005

Silver Lake Triangle Park

See a set of pictures from this event.

Today, with a little help from my (little) friends, I cut the ribbon on Sunset Triangle Park, at the corner of Griffith Park and Sunset Boulevard. The park is truly an oasis restored: green grass, new trees, a working fountain, a printed crosswalk, seating boulders and bicylce racks all make this patch of grass one of the most attractive places in Silver Lake.

Getting here was hard, but it was also fun. My office hosted community design charettes to formulate a neighborhood-level vision for the park. My staff located the funds to execute that vision, winning $95,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds. We added $11,000 from our office’s limited discretionary funds to hire Kathy Cerra, an independent design consultant who worked with community members.

The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council was key in bringing this to fruition, especially Tom Blanchard (who's since moved out of town, but came back to see the park today) and Lorraine Kells. And Michael McKinley and Sunset Junction have been the park's stalwarts; it was their hosting of the Saturday morning farmer's market that really brought focus to the triangle park once again. Thank you to all and enjoy the park.