Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bus benches on Riverside

I am pleased to say that the last of the Riverside bus benches has arrived and been installed by the BOSS (Bureau of Street Services). There are now 5 benches at each of the MTA bus stops along the west end of Riverside Drive (at Birkdale, Dorris, Riverdale, Harwood, and Elmgrove) that serves as the gateway to Elysian Valley. Funded with $22,000 in Street Furniture Funds, this simple improvement has garnered my office some of the most sincere thanks. I've always said that you can't afford to look to the stars if you don't keep an eye on the cracks in the pavement. Sometimes the most important thing municipal government can do is to make a place for folks to sit down. Big thanks to Lance Oishi & Sandy Nikaido of the BOSS, and the Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council.