Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Terror Attacks

Dear friends,

Our hearts go out to the victims of the violent attacks in London early this morning. The emergency personnel who responded to the attacks have our boundless admiration.

In response to these tragic attacks, security has been intensified at local transit centers and the Los Angeles Police Department is on modified tactical alert. The alert is strictly precautionary; Chief Bratton and Sheriff Baca have stressed that we have no information pointing to specific threats in Los Angeles or any part of Southern California. Our transit system is safe; please use it!

The modified tactical alert means that the City Emergency Operations Center has been staffed, that all LAPD watch commanders have been put on alert, and that LAPD officers require specific approval to leave at the end of their shifts. LAWA has also enabled additional security measures. My office has been in contact with our local police stations and will remain so. The Terrorist Threat Assessment Center can be contacted at (877) A-THREAT with reports of suspicious activity related to terrorism.

Peace be with you and your families today,