Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A City Hero for a Fallen Feathered Friend

Diane Edwardson writes in with a commendation for a compassionate city hero:

Photo:Copyright 2005 Diane Edwardson

Photo: ©2005 Diane Edwardson

Thought you’d like the attached photo from June 14, 2005, when Animal Reg came to the rescue of a baby red tail hawk that fell about 100’ from a eucalyptus tree off the log cabins on Corralitas Drive to the street below. Wildlife Officer Greg Randall had an officer out here in less than an hour. They transferred the hawk to Brenda with Camarillo Wildlife Rehabilitation where they discovered he had a broken leg. It did not require surgery and the hawk is in rehabilitation at the Ojai Raptor Center.

Thanks for sending in the note and the picture, Diane, and thank you Officer Randall and Officer Perea (who came out on the call and made the actual rescue) for your great work.