Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hyatt West Hollywood on Strike

On the picket lines

On the picket lines

Hotel workers in Los Angeles have decided that they have endured enough mistreatment. Early this morning, the workers of the Hyatt West Hollywood walked off their shifts in protest of alleged unfair labor practices, including the illegal withholding of health care. I visited them on the picket line this morning. This afternoon at 5 pm, they are holding a massive rally in front of the hotel. Here's why, in the words of housekeeper Morena Hernandez:

When the hotels started charging me for my healthcare I was really upset. I am a single mother with three kids. I am already struggling as it is. While I was paying for the health insurance, I had to cut back on groceries and bus tokens for my daughter to use to get to school. Ten dollars a week might be just a little for some people, but it's a lot for me. I want that money back.

Many of you know that I have long believed that strong unions are among the best anti-poverty programs we have. CD13 residents have been exceptionally supportive of the hotel workers' fight for justice, leaving bags and bags of food and dry goods at my field office to help the workers in case of a strike. Please continue your support this afternoon! If you can't make it today but would like to support, please contact my labor deputy to sign up for picket support.

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