Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hollywood Fire Pics

Two of my colleagues called me out of a budget meeting in City Hall on Tuesday afternoon to tell me that they could see a what appeared to be a giant fire in Hollywood. Luckily, the office tower at 6290 Sunset Boulevard was no "Towering Inferno". The fire was only on the roof. By the time I made it to the scene, it had been contained, injuring no one and doing minimal damage to property. It appeared to have started from some welding on the roof. CIM, the new owner of the building, has been renovating the former office tower into an apartment building. The fire only damaged parts of the building that were being overhauled.

Special kudos go to the LAFD, whose firefighters were able to put out the blaze in 22 minutes flat. And this after climbing the entire tower on foot! Pictures below were taken by Chief Williams on the drive up to the blaze. Thanks, chief, and thanks to all of the first responders.