Monday, April 25, 2005

Art on the fringe gets a new home in Atwater Village

The Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce sends word of a new gallery opening in Atwater. Black Maria, dedicated to non-mainstream and underground art, will open on May 7 at 3137 Glendale Boulevard. The gallery will focus on "works that reverberate with the shock of the content—not in a gratuitous sense, but in a way that initiates wonderment, self-reflection, and, ultimately, a measure of enlightenment,” according to proprietor Zara Zeitountsian. A group show featuring recent works by Los Angeles artists Thomas Lee Bakofsky, Frieda Gosset, Sophia Gasparian, Sam Saghatelian, Mark Todd, Jaime Zollars, Jeff Morgan & Loraine Villarreal and Esther Pearl Watson will inaugurate the space. The gallery will be open Tuesday through Friday from 12 to 6 PM and Saturday from 7 to 11 PM. For more information, call (818)613-9090.